Monday, 8 April 2013

Pohela Boishakh eyemakeup & things u carry

Hi grls...Pohela Boishakh is jst knoking the door...Hope every1 make a special plan for dat day...So wear a special + long lasting eyemakeup..Its  totaly summer now so u ve to wear a makeup that dosent bother u....Here is my idea,

Use ur red lipstick as ur shadow + eyeshadow primer..It  ll help u for long lasting eye makeup..
My 2 eyemakeup useing my red lipstick...

Here i use black kajol n shadow in my upper eye area & crise area i use my red lipstick...
This is 4 the grls who wants sexy eyemakeup ;p

I use all this things 4 my eyemakeup 
1. Red lipstick
2.Any black kajol
3.A black eyeliner

In this look i use  my red lipstick  in my upper eye area &   crise area i use
my black kajol n bland ir with the red one...For the grls who wants simple makeup...

 In ur bag u should carry all dis thing for ur celebration day..

Thnxxx Grls if u like my idea plzz comnt...

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