Saturday, 19 May 2012

Jordana Lipsticks

 Jordana Lipsticks help keep your lips soft & supple, with beautiful, dazzling colors. These are rich & creamy and give soft shiny finish to your lips.This is  Jordana Lipsticks no.114(pumpkine pie) 

face food

Ayur Herbals Astringent : You can wash your face with a face wash and apply this astringent to clean your face completely. It’s a complete blessing during summer when we experience profuse sweating. When you are going for a function late in the evening, you can apply this before wearing your makeup and I’m sure your makeup will last long without much grease, but make sure you apply a moisturizer, so that it doesn’t sting for long.  

Cool & Cool Face Tonic: Cool & Cool face tonic moisturizes gently cleanses and removes dirt, dead cells and improves the skin characteristics. The non-alcoholic formulation with pro vitamin B5 supplies moisture and supports the skins natural balance. It has a refreshing and revitalizing effect on your skin by reducing the pore size. Regular use leaves your skin feeling pleasantly soft and conditioning pore control....

Clinic Plus Soft And Silky Cream Conditioner

Using only shampoo is not enough. It leaves your hair looking dry, rough and lifeless.
Introducing Clinic Plus Soft & Silky Conditioner with Milk Protein Lock and Almond Oil Formula which provides deep nourishment to smoothen hair from root to tip. Now get smooth silky hair that’s so soft to   touch!
Give your hair 2 step shampoo plus cream conditioner solution to get hair that’s also shining with healthy glow.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bright Colors for Spring!

I m not fan of  Kardashian's bt i realy lik Khloe...She is sooo stylish ,tall,great skin.....muaahhh to Khloe......