Tuesday, 5 March 2013

This summer go with Garnier

In bangladesh we already feel full summer season ...so Sunscreen is become a daily skin food for us.. I jst start using my  Garnier  Sunscreen product...

For face i use Garnier BB Cream. Its work like a magic cream for me.It helps me in 6 way ,

1.SPF 20 UV protection
2.Work as foundation
3.Glow my skin
4.Leaves skin feeling smooth
5.Work as whitening cream
6.Dont make my skin oily 

so i love till i dont found anything more best  like it......

For body i use Garnier Ambre Solaire Sunscreen. I jst want a market & i saw Garnier !!!!! !st i thought it was fake it ruin my skin bt no it work cool.....It SPF 45+...also contain vitamine E.owowwwww......biggg ha??...in bangladesh we really need a stong  Sunscreen.. & here my best choice...I put it in to my hand & on my feet..After 8 hour when i came home i look  @ my skin it almost like b4 m going 4 outside... :)  I dont say it dont burn my skin.it dose bt in a smalllllllll amount....i m happy with it...

Thnxx 4 read....If u had any Q: feel free to ask.

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