Friday, 30 March 2012

How to Wash Brush

If u haven’t washed ur brushes since—um—never, then ur favorite pot of gloss is looking more & more like a petri dish. 

Clean brushes at least every week, especially those used for blush, foundation, or powder. These r likely ur most often used brushes & come into contact with moisture from ur liquid makeups & lotions, making them a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause breakouts.

Antibacterial dish washing liquid or hand-wash
Olive Oil
White Vinegar
3 Bowls

STEP 1: Fill bowl 1 with warm water & bowl 2 with cool water

STEP 2: In bowl 3, pour in enough of the white vinegar to cover the bottom, add a swirl of the antibacterial liquid & a few drops of the olive oil. The antibacterial liquid will do most of the ‘deep cleaning’, while the olive oil will re-nourish the brush hairs. The white vinegar is the ‘star’ of the solution, it balances the antibacterial liquid & also cuts through the olive oil, so u r not left with ‘oil-slick’ brushes

STEP 3: Taking ur dirty brushes, one at a time, softly swirl them in the solution

STEP 4: Once u can see most of the residue lifting, transfer ur brush to the warm water & then rinse in the cool water

STEP 5: If u've been a naughty girl & haven’t been cleaning ur brushes regularly, & there is still makeup residue, u can gently rinse them under running water

STEP 6: Allow ur brushes to dry lying down, as u do not want the water to run back into the base of the brush. All clean!!

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